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Administrative Team

Executive Director: Rosanne Richards

Assistant Director: Jennifer Keiser
Coordinator: Amber D'Alliegro

Administrator: Ryan Lewis 
Administrator: Danielle Martwick
Administrator: Darron McCoy

The Clark County School District Department of Adult Education is an educational program designed to serve adults and out of school youth 18 years of age or older who desire to earn a high school diploma or obtain a Nevada State Certificate of High School Equivalency. The program also serves students enrolled in comprehensive high schools who are credit deficient. Adult Education is a 12-month program. After registration, classes are conveniently offered, morning, afternoon, evening, on campus and online. 

  • Counseling services are available to all students by a licensed school counselor.

  • Students new to the Clark County School District are encouraged to bring an official sealed transcript from their previous school.

Graduation Ceremony
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