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High School Equivalency 

High School Equivalency (HSE) Certificate

A High School Equivalency certificate is issued by the state and is a portable credential, which means it is accepted from state to state as an HSE credential.

To earn an HSE certificate, a student must earn passing scores on each of the subjects of the HSE exam: mathematics, reading, writing, writing essay, science, and social studies.

To take the HSE exam, a student must be a Nevada resident and present a valid government issued photo ID.

HSE Preparation Courses
CCSD Adult Education offers a flexible schedule for students to work on coursework at their own pace with the guidance of licensed teachers in English and Spanish.


  • 16 or 17 year olds – must take the pretest and practice tests for each subject in person; may complete coursework in person or online

  • 18 years and older – may attend in person or online


  • Free preparation course, preparation materials, practice tests, and teacher support. 

  • $65 fee for the official HSE exam (includes 3 attempts per Subtest) – must be taken in person at the designated test center

Additional Resources at Adult Education

  • Access to counselors

  • Access to resume and career counseling 

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